As a nondenominational chaplain, I consider it a privilege to create ceremonies, celebrations and rituals that acknowledge important events in the history of a life, a family or a relationship. A life passage is anything that feels important, including:

I have become highly skilled at asking the questions that evoke the deeper meanings in life events and help tease out what’s important to you. Then I create a ritual that has personal significance for you and your family or community.

With my background as a psychotherapist and life coach, I understands how different people respond to life changes and how those events affect family dynamics and interactions. And as a professional storyteller, I am fascinated with the stories that come from both individual and family perspectives, and have explored the many ways we navigate life’s journey and how we celebrate the milestones. 

For those who find comfort in the established practices of their religious tradition, it sometimes feels right to complement those familiar rituals with a more personal ceremony in a different context.

I am also available to support individuals and families dealing with life-altering illness or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Thank you, Lynn, for relieving me of the burden of organizing a memorial service for my husband. Your support allowed me to stay in my grief and not have to focus on planning an event. You led a meaningful gathering that provided me - and our friends - an opportunity to express our feelings, share memories, and grieve our loss together. I don’t know what I would have done without you.
— J.M.
We were so happy with the baby blessing ceremony. We especially loved the ritual that invited our friends to offer their wishes and blessings. It was just as moving, but so different from the baptism in the church. Hope to have another in a year or two!
— A.F.