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I work by phone with individuals and families in the USA, Canada or Mexico, or in person in Puerto Vallarta. For a free consultation, email me at or call:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:                                United States:
322-221-6258 (land)                                     415-488-8029
322-151-3639 (mobile)


"Lynn is compassionate, caring and competent, with a broad base of knowledge and experience. Her great sense of humor put me right at ease. Her greatest strength as a coach is her ability to inspire hope and self-acceptance."

Marriage and Family Therapist

CHRONIC illness coaching

"Dr. Rogers has a gift for asking patients the key question that unlocks their understanding of their current personal dilemma, be it medical, psychological or spiritual. The result is immediate progress in processing those existing issues."

Chief of Palliative Care & Oncology
Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA

and celebrations

"Thank you, Lynn, for relieving me of the burden of organizing a memorial service for my husband. You led a meaningful gathering that provided me - and our friends - an opportunity to express our feelings, share memories, and grieve our loss together. I don't know what I would have done without you."

Puerto Vallarta