Could you use some help coping with unexpected circumstances? 
Would you like to better manage the stresses of everyday living? 
Can you imagine enjoying a more satisfied and fulfilled life? 

I offer a uniquely practical and personalized blend of coaching and therapy for individuals and their families. For more than 30 years, I have given clients the tools, support and guidance to integrate challenges into their lives, minimize emotional suffering, and/or live their best lives. We can work together by phone from anywhere or in person at my Puerto Vallarta office.

Therapy is particularly helpful with: 

  • Change and transition
  • Relationships and intimacy    
  • Health, aging and lifestyle concerns
  • Living with life-altering illness
  • Personal, emotional and spiritual growth

I support clients and their families by:

  • Listening deeply to your needs, beliefs, values, fears and hopes
  • Working with you to clarify your goals and options
  • Helping you engage your loved ones in important and difficult conversations
  • Exploring ways to cope with your challenges and integrate them into daily life
  • Helping you find healing and peace in the face of a life change, serious diagnosis or other issue or loss

In addition to psychotherapy, I am available to support individuals and families dealing with life-altering illness or grieving with the loss of a loved one.

I am happy to work with you in person or by telephone, depending on where we both are on the planet. 

Speaking from personal experience in working with Lynn, I can say that a peer-to-peer relationship definitely developed. I’ve had traditional therapy, and the structure was much more rigid, the boundaries were very high, and it was certainly hierarchical. With Lynn, it was a growing experience for both of us as we connected around issues that came up out of what triggered me to search out her guidance.
I live an hour and a half from Lynn’s office. Appointments used to take half a day! Working by phone has proved effective, efficient, personal and convenient. On occasion we meet in person for a ‘face to face’ and a hug.