I combine a uniquely practical and reassuring blend of therapy, coaching and medical expertise. What is life-altering/chronic illness? 

Any recurring, life-threatening or ongoing illness that changes the life of the diagnosed individual and powerfully impacts family, close friends and caregivers. Examples: heart disease, cancer, stroke, pulmonary disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease and more.

Are you or a loved one diagnosed or living with a serious medical condition?
Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, afraid, depressed or out of control?
Do you need help:

  • Talking with your family about your needs, feelings, fears and life changes?
  • Coping with the emotional impact of diagnosis and/or treatment?
  • Integrating your medical condition into the rest of your life?
  • Asking your doctor the right questions?
  • Understanding what your medical team tells you?
  • Sorting through your treatment options?
  • Finding support and/or resources?

Everyone reacts differently when faced with a serious illness, based on life circumstances, personality style, spiritual beliefs and the stage of disease (acute, chronic or life-threatening). People living with life-altering and chronic illnesses often need support in facing the unfamiliar and unforeseen circumstances and feelings that emerge.

How I can help

 I combine a uniquely practical and reassuring blend of therapy, coaching and medical expertise. My intention is to be collaborative, empowering and compassionate at all times. I will listen deeply and take your concerns seriously, whatever they are. I also will help you navigate the medical maze and cope with the emotional, psychological and spiritual impact of your diagnosis. 

Together we’ll look at the complex issues that you, your family and caregivers are facing, and navigate a plan best suited for your unique needs and challenges. We will thoroughly assess and prioritize your concerns, and:

  • Explore ways to deal with issues that are most stressful, frustrating or overwhelming
  • Address practical, day-to-day concerns
  • Identify strengths, tools and resources

Navigating a path for coping with illness

Some patients connect with me periodically as specific issues and challenges arise. And others choose an ongoing healing collaboration with me to:

  • Receive emotional, psychological and spiritual support
  • Learn practical tools to help balance daily life with health issues
  • Develop and use a proactive strategy and support team
  • Communicate more effectively with doctors, caregivers and family
  • Clarify priorities, visions and goals
  • Find meaning and support through your experience

Working together

Working together is easy, with no need for you to leave your home or hospital. We will meet by phone and include your family and/or caregivers when appropriate. Sessions are usually scheduled for an hour, though that is flexible based on what works best for you.

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Lynn’s vital message: families and individuals often don’t know of resources to help them when practical, real-life needs arise around illness or end-of-life care. Lynn has at least three decades of pioneering experience helping people with ‘life-altering illness,’ as she calls it. People who work with her don’t think of her as a psychotherapist with a PhD; they think of her as warm, endearing solution to challenges they can’t even put words to. Among her many accomplishments, Lynn had a key role in designing and establishing the Palliative Care Center in Kaiser, Walnut Creek.
Dr. Rogers has a gift for asking patients the key question that unlocks their understanding of their current personal dilemma, be it medical, psychological or spiritual. The result is immediate progress in processing those existing issues.
— ROBERT JOHNSON, MD Chief of Palliative Care & Oncology Kaiser Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA
Combining a therapeutic and coaching approach, Dr. Lynn Rogers is patient, gentle, insightful and compassionate. She has helped me discover who I am in the face of fear and crisis.
Dr. Rogers is compassionate, competent and caring, and has a very broad knowledge base and experience. She also has a great sense of humor, which easily puts people at ease. I believe her greatest strength is her ability to inspire hope and self-acceptance. She consistently showed her concern and gave me concrete suggestions for dealing with my health crisis.
— BETH LEONARD-ISO, Marriage and Family Therapist